Hi, I'm Jennifer!
I’m a mom  that’s passionate about helping parents & kids. Myself & my daughter have struggled so much until I found this products so now I’m so passionate about sharing them with the world to help make an impact on more families* 

What you get when purchasing with me
✔️My direct phone number 
✔️Customer support 

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[I am a consultant for Amare. This is not medical advice.]
My Favorite Products
Kids Mood+™ 
 Viral Kids Product
Helps | Focus, Mood
Emotions, Anger & Motivation* (my daughter takes this) 
Amare Kids Pack
Bundle Pack for Kids includes 3 products:
1) Kids Mood, Focus & Mood pixie sticks*
2) Kids VitaGBX, Multivitamins for kids*
3) Kids Fundamentals, Probiotics & Gut Support*
Amare Happy Juice Pack (Watermelon Pomegranate Lime)
Adult Mood & Cortisol Drink, AKA "Happy Juice"
Helps | Anxiousness, Focus, Sadness, Mood,
Motivation, Energy, Gut Health*

The world's first QUADbiotic formula in a convenient & cool purple pill that targets the gut microbiome for healthy weight loss.**
If for ANY REASON, you are not completely satisfied with your products you can simply send Amare Global your empty bottle and request a 100% refund for up to 90 days. No Questions Asked! You have ABSOLUTELY ZERO RISK! Learn More.
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